From Achiever to Responder: How a new 21st Century Archetype can help Business take us to the New Better.

A quick guide to the mindset shift from Achiever to Responder:

  1. The Responder is different than the Achiever in that while it is every bit as driven, dedicated, hard-working, and accomplished, it targets all of that at humanity’s betterment, where the Achiever targets growth and accomplishment for its own sake.
  2. Where the Achiever looks for business opportunity and the scaling of market share, the Responder looks for human need and the scaling of human wellness (a system in which market share would actually scale organically, and this applies to all that follows).
  3. Where the Achiever is driven by winning, the Responder is driven by serving.
  4. Where the Achiever sees profit as a measure of winning, the Responder sees it as fuel to be used for more serving.
  5. Where shareholders love the Achiever, customers and employees love the Responder.
  6. Where the Achiever is more apt to use force and coercion to attain goals (because the means justifies the ends — to win), the Responder is more apt to use invitation, cooperation, and collaboration (because that way, the means is itself just another way to lift human wellness).
  7. Where the Achiever identifies with the summit, the Responder identifies with the sherpa.
  8. Where the Achiever sees employees as strategy to use for the purpose of winning (profit as measure), the Responder sees employees as included in their mission of scaling human wellness and therefore critical to be fulfilled on all levels.
  9. Where the Achiever sees people as consumers who were born to buy, the Responder sees people as those they were born to serve.
  10. Where the Achiever seeks to generate direction and strategy by talking at, the Responder seeks to generate direction and strategy by listening to.
  11. Where the Achiever believes human success is what will create happiness, the Responder knows that human happiness is what will create success.
  12. Where the Achiever measures success in quantity of things, the Responder measures it in quality of experience.
  13. Where the Achiever sees the world as something to subdue, conquer, and own, the Responder sees it as something to lift, nurture, and experience.
  14. Where the Achiever sees relationships as a means to get to more opportunities for winning, the Responder sees relationships as more opportunities to serve.
  15. Where in the Achiever, the ego-mind is the master and the heart the sometimes servant, in the Responder the heart is the master and the ego-mind the servant — the heart choosing the mission and the ego-mind figuring out how to get the heart’s vision actualized.



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